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Make your immigration dreams come true.

Immigration can be a costly and long process, so the right strategy is important. We help clients with difficult immigration issues.

MK Legal group

Individuals who came to the United States find the immigration laws and system to be very complicated and frustrating. In the recent years, immigration laws became very unclear and challenging. Different executive orders and new regulations issued by the executive branch of government have fundamentally limited different aspects of the immigration system. However, on January 20, 2021, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was sworn into office as the 46th president of the United States. With this change in administration, it is expected that new changes will be forthcoming. The acts of a president over the first few days and weeks of the new administration are seen as an indicator of the priorities and the intentions of that new administration. President Biden has announced that he would be sending the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 to Congress as part of his plan to reform the U.S. immigration system. The goal of the legislation is to “modernize our immigration system,” prioritize family unity, “grow our economy,” and “ensure that the United States remains a refuge for those fleeing persecution.” The bill proposes changes to reimagine diverse areas of immigration from employment- and family-based immigration to asylum, refugee, and other humanitarian protections, as well as border security.


At MK Legal Group, while providing excellent customer service, we also want to make the process as easy on you as we can. AT MK Legal Group we handle Immigration matters involving: Naturalization, DACA, Green Card, Asylum, Hardship waiver (I-601, I-601A, I-212), Consular Processing, U Visa (I-918), Special Immigrant Juvenile Process, Removal of Conditions on Residence (I-751), Adjustment of Status, Fiance Visa (K1), Green Card Renewal (I-90), Tourist Visa Extension (I-539), Family Green Card, Employment Green Card, Removal Proceeding.  

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