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Mojgan Kamali

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Mojgan Kamali

My Story

As an attorney and chief executive officer of MK Legal Group, Mojgan Kamali is both diligent in her law practice and committed to the profession. She founded MK Legal Group in January 2021 after more than 13 years of serving as a paralegal and legal assistant with large and well-respected law firms. 

Like any other immigrants, Mojgan Kamali decided to leave her home and immigrate to the United States because it was perceived as the land of opportunity with a brighter future. 

As an immigrant, Mojgan Kamali had lots of challenges such as language barrier, employment opportunities, cultural differences and raising children. In her new life she faced different people with different beliefs, different hopes, and different dreams. 

Mojgan Kamali was born and raised in Tehran, capital of Iran. Prior to coming to the United States, Mojgan Kamali was graduated with Bachelors of science in the field of English Language translation. She was also in the final semesters of her Master’s degree when she received her Green Card and the program was left incomplete. After immigrating to United States Mojgan Kamali completed her Juris Doctorate program at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law and graduated on August 2017. Then she was admitted to practice law in January 2021.

Aside from being a lawyer, attorney Mojgan Kamali is a mother of two boys ages 13 and 11. Having two kids and being an attorney presents a whole host of challenges. One of them is the constant sense that there just isn’t enough time in a day, a week, a month, a lifetime to do everything that needs to be done. However, she was able to balance life, work, kids,  and be the best at everything and stay organized and efficient. 

Attorney at Law

Member of (AILA) American Immigration Lawyers Association

Member of (OCBA) Orange County Bar Association

Member of (ABA) American Bar Association

Member of (LACBA) Los Angeles County Bar Association

Member of (CLA) The California Lawyers Association

Admitted to practice in California. Practice limited to Immigration and Personal Injury Law

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



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